Some kind words left by inspiring people

“Steve is a true professional but also a wonderful person. I actually look forward to my sessions at the gym. I can honestly say I never had that ‘dreading going to the gym’ moment – something I never thought was possible! The fabulous weight loss and change in my body shape and composition has been awesome!” 

Katie, Aug 2019

“I took a 3 month break from work to kick off a major lifestyle change. I came to Complete Life Fitness and started my journey with Mike. I quickly built a rapport with him that made me feel comfortable and at ease from the very beginning. In 3 months he has supported me both in the studio and via email, text and social media as I’ve lost some 25% of my body weight.  His advice on nutrition, understanding around minor injuries and ability to know just when to offer some words of encouragement are right on point. I look forward to continuing on this path with him, with many complicated twists and turns to go.”

Nathan, Sept 2019

“As a woman in my late 50’s my weight had steadily gone up over the years, despite having been a regular member of a gym for over 25 years. With Mike’s help I have completely changed the way I train –  gently encouraging me to push myself, without ever feeling that he would push me beyond my limits. – I feel fitter, stronger and more toned than I did in my 30s. By taking Mike’s nutritional advice, I have even managed to lose 18lbs and 4 inches from my waist.  I am not spending anymore time in the gym, if anything, less, and I don’t feel as though I’m on a diet!”

Jenny, Oct 2019

“Steve helped me achieve fitness and strength goals I never thought possible. He debunks the feared personal trainer stereotype by being personable, understanding and totally engaged with his client’s journey. As I personally navigated difficult health issues he was consistently there to help and advise, which was invaluable to me.”

Vicky, May 2018

“Having had several personal trainers in the past with mixed results, I can say that this service provided is by far the most personable, conscientious and understanding. Each session is tailored taking in to account my goals and how I am feeling that day, which means I know every session will be valuable and enjoyable. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

James, June 2018

“I started my personalised training programme 4 months ago having never done any kind of training previously. At 6 foot and a starting weight of only 60kg I found it incredibly difficult to gain weight and strength. I’ve managed to put on 10kg not only via weight training but with continued nutritional support. Every time I finish training I leave with a smile on my face and full of confidence.”

Josh, June 2018

Google reviews

“I came to Steve trying to get back into shape after a significant knee injury. Despite physio, every time I tried to resume exercise, I would end up aggravating the injury, and eventually stopped exercising altogether. I gained weight, and as someone now in their 50s, was distressed to think this was probably the way things were going to be from now on. I decided to give personal training a try and was very fortunate to find Steve. He was able to quickly understand the injury and very effectively ‘train around’ it, allowing me to resume exercise and lose weight without aggravating the injury, and then improve it in ways that would not have been possible with physio alone. As a trainer, he is very responsive, organized and accommodating, so despite having a busy job with lots of travel, I always know what is going on and never have any excuses for not turning up! He is also very knowledgeable, patient and positive, and genuinely wants to see you improve. Thanks to Steve, I now know there is no reason I can’t stay in good shape for many more years to come!”

Holly, June 2018

Facebook reviews

“Hi Steve, just to say Iain and I really enjoyed our sessions last Wednesday and are looking forward to seeing you again on Tuesday. I personally think you are a miracle worker because the problem I’ve had with my right shoulder, which was really keeping me awake at night, has all but gone!! I can’t quite believe because it’s been bothering me for months now. Thank you!”

Jane, Aug 2018

“With little to no self-confidence and a lot of work to be done with my diet and nutrition. After 9 months of training, I feel so much more fit and healthy and finally feel like I have my confidence back. My trainer is so supportive of his clients and is always a phone call away if I need anything. He is so passionate about what he does, and this really reflects in his clients. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Ellie, June 2018

“Ryan is brilliant, I have lost a considerable amount of weight but also feel happier, fitter and stronger. I really enjoy the sessions as they are always different and fun, I have finally learnt to enjoy exercise. There are regular checks and discussions about my diet and they provide workouts to do at home. He is on hand for advice and tips when I need it and he provides the motivation and accountability that I need.”

Carlos, Feb 2018

“Complete Life Fitness has allowed me to exercise both at my home and outdoors. The full range of equipment along with the open spaces have made my workouts fun and varied. I particularly like boxing and battle rope exercises which have greatly improved my fitness and core strength. All of the trainers are highly knowledgeable and great fun to train with. I plan to continue my fitness journey with Complete Life Fitness for the foreseeable future. I have a busy, high pressure job that includes a lot of travelling. They have always managed to accommodate me which has always been a challenge with other fitness facilities. Thank you to you all for your support and guidance over the last two years. Here’s to many more! ”

Evita, June 2017

“I massively appreciate all your help, not just the training (which has an amazing impact), but talking openly and honestly about my anxiety, being supportive when it’s been a bad patch, and not once judging. It really has made an immeasurable difference, and I know it’s well beyond what you need to do for a client. Thank you, I’m extremely grateful.“

Louise, Jan 2018

“Would highly recommend Steve as a personal trainer. Friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable, Steve created bespoke workouts around my goals and a solid nutritional plan which worked. My goals were rehabilitation (to build core fitness after an umbilical hernia operation) and build muscle. Over 6 months, we achieved both, and importantly, I enjoyed the process, looking forward to each session.”

Peter, July 2018

“Ryan has been my personal trainer for 4 years. He is knowledgeable, friendly and highly focused on providing suitable and varied training tailored to my requirements. This includes maintaining a strong physique and rehabilitation when I have experienced sports injuries. I am grateful for his professional advice and support and would not hesitate to recommend him as a personal trainer.”

Rob, April 2018

“I can’t believe the changes in my body, they are brilliant and family and friends cannot believe how much I have changed both in my weight loss and also my commitment to my new lifestyle! I feel so much healthier, I eat better and I sleep better.”

Katie, Feb 2018

“My trainer is very easy to talk to and he put me at ease from the very first session. We talk regularly about my progress, nutrition and also my goals which have been progressing along with my fitness levels and my changing shape!”

John, Sept 2018

“I have trained with Steve for a little over a year and I have never been so healthy. We concentrated on improving my diet, eating healthily and regularly. I wanted to go up in weight as I’m only 16 and I have put on 12kg and gained a lot of muscle too. Couldn’t recommend him enough.”

Alex, Dec 2017

“Thank you for all your support this term as well as the last year. I wouldn’t be where I am now, mentally and physically without these sessions. I look forward to next term!”

Rosa, March 2017


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