About us

Why our clients choose us

It’s an investment

The service we offer is more than just personal training; we can help you transform your long term health. This includes helping you to look better, feel better in yourself, and to feel better about yourself.

Rewards include having less pain, feeling more confident, setting up great habits, and knowing how to take control when the biscuits are calling!

We make hard things possible

Change can be hard, but it becomes much easier when you have someone to guide you. Whether it’s a programme to ease lower back pain, a wedding-ready body transformation, or to feel wellness on a cancer journey… we’ll be with you.

Some of our clients are totally out of their comfort zone when they start out. We totally get that. And that’s the beauty of exercising in a private gym. No one is looking at you (apart from your trainer!).

If you split your pants doing a lunge, or you’re struggling with a move, no one is judging. We’re here to guide and support you with no need for embarrassment. If there is laughter, it will be us – laughing together. Let’s have fun with this!


To stay safe and well

Fears about injuring yourself, or re-igniting a past issue, are real. If you jump in without proper guidance, the results could be painful and long lasting. At Complete Life Fitness, we have the knowledge and expertise to help avoid these pitfalls, and keep you safe along the way.

Our trainers hold a Diploma in Exercise Referral. This is a higher standard than is required to work on gym floors across the UK, and enables us to safely train people with common medical conditions (for which your doctor recommends exercise supervision).

The team also hold additional specialist qualifications in back care, sports injury, cancer rehabilitation, pre and post natal exercise, and more. Which CLF trainer has the expertise to help you? Read more about the team to help you decide.

We care

This is more than just personal training, and it doesn’t stop when you leave the gym. We can help you make lasting changes to your lifestyle, including how you sleep and what you snack on. New clients are often surprised that we’re interested to know what they’re having for dinner!

We will help you feel cared for and looked after, and we’re always thinking about new ways we can bring even more support to our loyal customers. This level of accountability and support is rare, and it makes all the difference to our Complete Life Fitness community.

Our mission is to empower the people of York to transform their health and wellness.

We created Complete Life Fitness because ‘people deserve better’

“After being a personal trainer and active gym member for many years, I got really disillusioned with the fitness industry. I found facilities were unclean and uncared for, equipment didn’t feel right, and trainers who weren’t primarily focused on helping their clients. I set up Complete Life Fitness because people deserve better.

Steve, Manager

Our values


What will we achieve together?


Tapping into your power


Build your body & mind


Professional, welcoming & skilled

High-end service

Because you deserve better

Our brief history

January 1, 2019

We opened the doors

In early 2019, after sourcing the best equipment on the market, installing private shower rooms, and getting everything just right, we opened the doors of Complete Life Fitness.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Setting the standard, making a huge impact

In the first year, we have set the standard for a high quality private gym experience that’s making a massive impact on the health and wellness of our fan base. It’s been an incredible first chapter, and we’re excited to see what we can achieve together in 2020.

January 1, 2019

Meet the team

Meet Steve

personal trainer

“I especially enjoy training those who have done little or no exercise in the past. The changes that we can make can improve someones life in a matter of days. I decided to specialise in personal training for health conditions as I know how much exercise can change someone’s life for the better.”


  • Exercise Referral Instructor & Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Cancer and exercise rehabilitation (highest qualification)
  • Pre and postnatal exercise
  • Exercise for mental health

And uniquely… Steve has a Masters of Pharmacy, has been in Take a Break magazine and Women’s Fitness. He’s also trained Ronan Keating!

What Steve enjoys (apart from staying fit): Walking his 2 cats, Apollo and Derek (don’t ask!) and watching movies at the cinema with a Tango Ice Blast.

Meet Sara

personal trainer

“I enjoy working with anyone who wants to improve themselves. Whether it is exercising through pregnancy, exercise rehab from illness or injury, losing weight or just getting fit.”


  • Exercise Referral Instructor & Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Lower back pain management (highest qualification)
  • Self-confidence building
  • Pre and postnatal exercise

And uniquely… Sara has a black belt in Taekwondo!

A few of Sara’s hobbies: Going on lovely long walks with her husband and dog, board games, computer games.

Meet Michal

“Going to the gym has always been a hobby of mine from an early age. I specialise in weight loss and transformations. I love seeing the confidence people gain from committing to regular exercise.”


  • Exercise Referral Instructor & Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Strength building and conditioning fitness
  • Boxing and Thai boxing training

And uniquely… Michal is a trained swimming instructor!

What Michal enjoys: Spending quality time with his family and taking their dog on long walks.