1-1 Personal Trainers in York

Exercise designed for you, your goals and your life!


Most Qualified Trainers in York

Bespoke 1-1 Exercise Programmes Designed for You, in our Private Studio – No Busy Gyms!

At Complete Life Fitness, our coaches are trained in wellbeing as well as fitness and our non-intimidating environment provides a safe space to help you accomplish a great sense of achievement from each and every session.

All ages and abilities welcome

Our fun, friendly and professional trainers provide exercise sessions for all ages and abilities.

Private exercise area

Throughout your sessions you will have your very own private exercise area equipped with everything you need to have a successful, challenging and enjoyable workout.

Studio wide shot

Our friendly instructors support you in starting a tailored exercise and nutrition programme, promote healthy lifestyle changes, advise you on how to exercise safely, provide workouts for you to do at home and guide you at every step with any advice you need.

Our services

Personal training

We provide a personal and completely unique approach to personal training. No busy gym, no ‘pumped up’ trainers. Pop in and see us.

Weight loss

Reach your weight-loss goal (and maintain it) with a completely personalised weight-loss programme at Complete Life Fitness, York.

Wedding ready

Our wedding transformation programmes are perfect if you’re looking to drop a dress size but aren’t a fan of busy gyms!

Exercise for health conditions

Being active is great for physical health and fitness, but it is also proven to help with mental wellbeing as well.
Find your flow with us.

Cancer, wellbeing, & exercise

One common symptom of both cancer and its treatments, is fatigue. Carrying out exercise within a safe and tolerable range can help to increase energy.


Mums and ‘soon-to-be’ Mums

Fitting in a bit of “me-time” can be a struggle when you have, or soon to have a little one into the world, that’s why our packages are flexible to suit you.

Have a look around, and decide for yourself

If the idea of stepping into a gym gives you the shudders, we can help.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or gain confidence, our trainers are all supportive and trained in health and wellbeing.

View our studio and facilities, then contact us for a friendly discussion.